You, The Neuron August 2011

We are a network: the human network. Built from every interaction… every exchange of information between one and another. Who’s to say this network is not so similar to a neural network?

We are a brain. Information enters society: we study and make observations about the world around us. We consume resources. We allocate resources, make love and war, enact policies, and enforce them. We generate new understandings of our reality, and generate new breakthroughs.

Is a scientific breakthrough so different from a sudden realization within an individual mind? When a scientist publishes her breakthrough, is she so different from the neuron that fired within her amidst her creative incite? Are the electrical ripples emanated from the inciteful neuron, expanding the realization to the peripheral sub-networks of her mind, really so different from the scientific community’s praise and skepticism, or society’s realization of the technical implications of its newest brainchild?