Unideal Diet November 2012

In the ideal world, I eat a paleolithicly-inspired diet that is maximally anti-inflammatory, gluten free, with a focus on a low-glycemic index and omega-3 fatty acids. This isn’t the ideal world. This is an incredibly unideal world, thus I need an unideal diet.

After a year of drifting back and fourth between absurdly healthy diets and feeling guilty about slacking off, I’ve come up with the ideal unideal diet. Rather than restrict myself to eating only foods that my my specific criteria, I eat anything I want – with a catch. I must hit a daily quota of particular foods that I consider to be ideal. The rest of my diet is open for me to eat any damn thing that looks good. I figure that I will only eat so much food, so this will force a certain percentage of my diet to be healthy automatically.

Two weeks after implementing the diet, I report that it works wonders. I eat a heaping plate full of spinach and broccoli (low glycemic index, low carbs, paleo, anti-inflammatory, high fiber) every single day, and I alternate eating an avocado and a half pound of salmon every other day (high in omega-3 fats, high protein, anti-inflammatory, no carbs). After doing this for two weeks, I feel much more energetic and healthy and feel no guilt or hesitation about eating anything else that looks delicious the rest of the day.