The Gut Instinct June 2011

The mind is capable of processing higher complexities of logic at subconscious levels than it is at conscious levels – we even problem solve in our sleep. I’ve woken up in the morning many times and suddenly found the answer to problems that I was struggling to solve the night before, and when I learn new things, they don’t tend to click until the morning after I’ve learned them.

This is why the gut instinct, aka intuition, is always the best way to go. If you compared decisions that you make based on logic versus decisions made based on intuition, you would find that you could map out the problem-solving flowcharts for logic-based decisions, and that there aren’t really flowcharts for intuition based decisions. But I make the argument that there actually are flowcharts that exist for intuitive decisions in theory, but that they are far to complex to actually draw out, because they are usually as complex as the very neural networking the brain itself. Thus, intuitive decisions are highly logical decisions.

I would also make the argument that this same phenomenon of hidden complexity is why science and writing can often deteriorate the quality of a sensation, experience, or concept of an idea. (The phrase a picture is worth a thousand words says it all.) While it is necessary and useful to reduce ideas down to words or numbers in many situations, there is always a loss of detail.

Intuition and the meditating mind are capable of experiencing the world at higher levels of complexity than logic and words. They take far more complicated paths of logic, giving them the illusion of having no logic at all.

With that said, it is easy to mix up the ideas of emotion-based decisions with intuition-based ideas, but they are entirely different. Intuitive decisions require training the mind to stop and deeply introspect past all emotion and logic and come up with what they feel, after balancing all considerations subconsciously, is the best option. Emotional decisions are made without pause in the heat of the moment.

So I really want to learn to stop and make intuitive decisions at every decision point throughout the day and consequently throughout my life. I’ve noticed the ultimate “goal” of every personal decision I make, when I’m doing it right, is “a prioritized balance between what’s best for me and every person and cause that I care for in the longest practical foreseeable future.”