My Current Project: February 2010

For the last few weeks I have been working my ass off developing a new web service, that allows users to visually graph their daily lives. My friend Quinten is handling the marketing while I am doing development.

The way it works is such that you create “studies” in different areas of your life… say sleeping for example. Each study will have its variables, just like a scientific study. In the example of studying your sleeping habits, the variables might be sleep, stress, caffeine, and sociability. Each day, the user logs in and is prompted to enter the simple information… how much sleep did you get last night, how stressed do you feel, how much caffeine have you ingested, etc. The numbers, often based on a scale of one to ten, are then plotted on a graph and shown to the user so that they can visualize how different aspects of their lives affect eachother. Essentially, users are attempting to discover correlations.

We have big plans for this project which I cannot release yet, but I can say that we are focusing primarily on versatility and social media, with later plans to reach the psychological and therapeutic market.

So anyways, I’ve been spending long nights coding and researching and it is the most time I have ever put into a project. I am trying to keep my grades from slipping but it feels inevitable. I am not afraid of failure though – failure can only enrich me with more experiences. I’ll keep you posted with our progress. I encourage you to follow us on Twitter.