Politics & Happiness February 2010

I am writing thoughts in response to this article that was published on BBC.

There needs to be a consensus on the purpose that government has in order for us to better define objectives. This article brings up the idea of overall happiness for the largest amount of people. I cannot help but agree. Spin egalitarianism into this and it is evident that there is no reason to allow a minuscule minority to become excessively rich while a larger minority suffers; the rich won’t be any happier than the moderate-income group. But if we reinvest in educating and teaching the poorest how to help themselves, we might be able to maintain a happier overall population.

It’s about time that the United States grows up. The endless fight between liberals and conservatives is insane; it’s as if we are a bunch of small children arguing over who gets to ride in the front seat or who gets to be “it” in a game of tag. Much of Europe is moving on; they have higher life-satisfaction rates according to Satisfaction with Life Index, and the World Database of Happiness. They are far more environmentally conscious, and they have realized that the fear of communism, socialism, and dictators is irrational. A country like Iraq, Iran, or Cuba has perfectly acceptable, rational reason to worry about government power getting out of hand. The United States has no reason to fear too much government power. The United States, however, has every reason to fear corporate power getting out of hand. So many people jump on leaders in the United States for being “socialist.” I ask you, so what? I tell you, grow up. The most successful nations in their most successful years became so by maintaining a good balance between government regulation and private resource management. People had just the right amount of personal freedom to feel comfortable, yet enough guidance to feel that the country is being taken care of in good hands. The United States prospered after World War II because the government stood up and took a stand. It was not a pussy as it tends to be now. It was not afraid to take action.

Mature up, study sociology, study capitalism, study socialism, study economics, study environmental science, study politics, philosophize a bit, read some statistics, and then take action.