Limiting Patience June 2011

Growing up my parents often told me to be patient… the young, hyperactive version of myself was overenthusiastic to do things immediately. The best example being Christmas eve, as I was always wide awake on Christmas morning to open presents just like the semi-spoiled American kid that I was. Times like these, patience was an important and needed virtue.

But as a I get older and find myself presented with opportunities in life, I notice that this virtue is becoming less important. It’s not that patience is no longer a significant virtue, but rather that it’s sometimes too easy to be patient and that too much patience can be just as detrimental as having too little patience.

I’m 20, and I will only be getting older. Opportunities come and go, and I only live once. I will only be “college age” for a few more years. Many adventurerous opportunities come and go, and there is only so much time in life to take advantage of them. While I do see the importance of school and work, I see too much attachment to it and too much procrastination on lifelong dreams.

It’s important to be careful not to be too patient. Life is too short to patiently wait for each item on the bucketlist to slowly become practical. Sometimes you just need to take time off of life to do things you really want to do. Keep this in mind and maybe you’ll get to do everything you want to in your time here on earth, but if you don’t, chances are that life will pass you by before you have a chance to finish your dreams.