I Could Live Here [Seoul] October 2016

Seoul is one of a very small handful of places in the world where I’ve almost immediately felt that “I could live here” feeling. Funny, too, because I wasn’t even intending to come here at first— only at the last minute did I move my flight to New York back and visit.

I spent the past month on Jeju Island with a group of nomads. Jeju is beautiful — full of hiking, diving, and beautiful beaches. The town is about 40,000 people large.

Arriving to Seoul was quite an amazing feeling. I like the diversity of food and shops. Perhaps the best thing about Seoul is the aesthetics. It seems that every cafe is so well decorated and thought out. The architecture is modern and very Asian, but fuses the charming quaintness that you generally only find in Europe. And the people here dress well too, to match the architectural aesthetic.

I am currently sitting at a wooden table on the second floor of a cafe that has a balcony overlooking the street and massive murals on the wall. To get to the second floor you open a very convincing bookshelf door. They sell chili dogs and delicious affogatos. This is the kind of funky coffee shop that makes this city so unique.

The train and buses are excellent too — easy to navigate — basically as easy to figure out as Tokyo. And the train cars are big!

So now, my list of cities I would end up in are +1: Seoul, Berlin, Seattle, New York, and Raleigh.