Cofounder Search December 2016

I updated my profile on CofoundersLab recently. One of my near-ish term goals (sometime in the next 5 years) is to start something of my own. I’d prefer to start something with someone I’ve worked with in the past, but you never know when or where you’ll meet your next partner, so I figured I would make myself available to those looking to do the same.

I’m a generalist full stack software engineer with experience working as employee #1 at three VC-backed startups including I am an alumni of TechStars Cloud, Startup Bootcamp Berlin, and the Recurse Center.

I’m looking for someone who values truth, humbleness, objectiveness, and honesty. Who I work with is much more important than what I work on.


(Assuming you are in the idea stage), here’s an easy way for us to get to know each other: send me a message with a detailed description of at least one idea you have, why you think it’s worth pursuing, and why pursuing it is currently your best career path. I will reply with questions and thoughts and send you an idea of my own. If we can have a good conversation asynchronously for a few days, then let’s find a time to chat over Skype (or meet up if you live in NYC).

I’ll go first…

While I’m very skeptical of VR and think it’s massively over-hyped, I do think it will be a valuable technology over the coming years for some applications. I think it would be fun to build a writing/journaling/text-editor app for VR that allows people to escape into a virtual scene, like a beach, and write without distractions. This could be a fun UX challenge too, because we are no longer limited to a single 2D surface - the screen - for writing; instead, pages could be layered and moved around the space. I’ve actually hacked together an example of such an app here. Monetization would probably be as simple as making this a paid app. So why have I not pursued this yet? Mainly because I’m not convinced that the market for it is big enough… but I could be convinced.

I probably won’t steal your startup idea. You are welcome to steal mine. I’m squarely on the train of thought that ideas are pretty worthless and that the execution is the real value.

I’ve listed my “is able to invest” as $5,000-$15,000 because I could probably come up with a few thousand to cover incorporation fees, hosting costs, etc. Beyond that I would expect to bootstrap or raise angel money.

I am looking to work on something on the side that is fairly low-risk, low-investment as a way to learn how we work together and gain some initial traction. For me, the most important thing is that we learn if we worth well together. Even if our product doesn’t take off, I would like to say “yes, we definitely would like to work together in the future” or “no, we don’t really jive”. That said, I’m pretty easy to get along with.