Be 100%, 100% Of The Time June 2015

Be 100% present 100% of the time and put 100% of your effort into 100% of the things you do. Don’t half ass things. Live in the here and now. Be intentional. This is a very simple philosphy to live by but it makes a huge difference. Follow 100% of this advice. It will keep you grounded and results in richer experiences.

Don’t just maybe, sort of go to a party and show up an hour late and then maybe kind of aim to meet some people. Go to the party, show up on time, and be intentional about meeting people (but have fun and don’t try so hard also).

If you are going to spend a year traveling, don’t just plan a month in and then wander around for the next eleven. Take the time to understand why you are traveling and what you want out of the experience. Make plans for the entire year even if you think you’re going to end up ditching the plans on the second day. Be present and put 100% of your attention and effort into your adventure. If you aren’t happy and think you might want to take a break and stay somewhere for a month or go home, then make a concious decision to do that and then go be 100% at home for a week.

If you take a job, don’t just show up and be an employee. Take the time to understand why you are working there, what you want out of it, and what you can offer the company. Give it 100% of the effort and attention it deserves. Jobs aren’t forever, but until the last minute of the last day, keep giving 100% of your effort.

If you are starting a company, be intentional about it. You can be hobbiest about it while it’s still just a project, but once it’s a company, be 100% about it and sit down and recognize that that is what you are doing with you life. Starting a company is an emotional rollercoaster. Don’t let yourself be lazy just because you are having a bad day and don’t feel like going to work.

If you are freelancing, do every project well. Do a good job. Finish it. Be 100% about it. Get it done on time, leave whoever comes after you good documentation of your work. Send an invoice on time. Be thourough.

If you are meeting someone for a drink, be 100% present. Don’t look at your phone. Don’t worry about what you have going on later that day. Be present with them and give them your full attention.

Be 100% present, 100% of the time.