A Note To My Close Friends February 2013

Hey friends,

I want to fill you in on my life. I’ve had the most spectacular last 12 months of my life – spending three months in Texas, joining Callisto.fm, moving to Boulder, rebranding it to Epic Playground, and watching my technical skills multiple by somewhere between two and ten times what they were previously. Before, I was a web application developer. Now I’m a solid engineer with experience in back-end, front-end, scalability, Java, Node.js, Rails, data visualization… you name it, I’ve worked on it.

However, I resigned from Epic Playground today. This was a tough decision, but I listened closely to my heart and this is what I felt I needed to do. It comes at a rough time for the company, yet, we were able to depart ways mutually and in good standing. I plan on making it a top priority to keep in close touch with the team, as they have been like family to me this past year, looked out for me, and mentored me when I needed it. I will surely pop back in the office and annoy them with my weird sense of humor when they least expect it.

That said, I am now free to pursue my own ambitions. I have intentionally rejected all offers that came my way in the past 12 months so that I could focus solely on Epic Playground, distraction free. Now, however, I am open again. My goal for the year is to travel, while I’m young, single, and unemployed, holding no debt, house, or mortgage. This is my chance, and I’m going to take advantage of it. This is also my opportunity to work on my own projects, with no other obligations.

If you are a fun and interesting person, a friend, living in an interesting place, I want to come visit. If you are living abroad, I will probably come visit. If you are working on something cool, I want to come and visit.

Twenty-thirteen, as promised, is going to be a very special year for me. It will be uncomfortable, anxiety-inducing, messy, full of mistakes and hardship. But it will be exactly the kind of year that makes one grow on the inside and become a more experienced, traveled, diverse person. I am extremely thankful to all of you that I’ve kept in close touch with over the past years, through both difficult and inspirational times. All of those 2am phone calls, late night texts, and spontaneous road trips are what have made the last years of my life fun and worth living. I care deeply about you guys.

I invite you to come experience hardship and a meaningful existence with me.