One Quantified Self App To Rule Them All

I've been "life logging" off and on for the last ten years and I've gotten a lot more interested in and serious about it in the »

Life Without A Phone in 2014

I've been without a cell phone for the majority of this year. In the beginning it was because I was living in Canada and I couldn't »

Syria: Wikitravel Timelapse

Turns out that Wikitravel is useful for more than just travel (although it's an excellent resource for that too). Taken out of the first-ever article on »

New York

If I've got one word to describe New York City, it would be intense. It's a place with an overwelming amount of possibility, opportunity, and efficiency »

Besides Happiness

One of my passions in life is happiness, or specifically, understanding how it happens, where it comes from, how to find and keep it, and how »