I built Teachable's dashboard and Walk [Your City] and was an early hire at Simon Data.

Teachable's school-building dashboard.

Plan, design and install quick, light and affordable street signs.

Individualized n=1 experiment kits.

An example of a 3D weighted graph using D3.js and Aframe.

An open source, hackable tool for discovering your quantified self data.

Browse the web in VR by live streaming a web page into Aframe using PhantomJS and ffmpeg.

An example of a 3D bar chart using D3 and Aframe.

A virtual reality keyboard and text editor in Aframe... cause why not?

Collect sentiment analyses from Day One, Facebook, iMessage, and 750 Words and format them in pretty CSVs.

Magical Almonds
End-to-End Testing with Angular, Protractor, and Rails
ProtractorJS: A Better Way To Implement Page Objects
The Vertex App
One Quantified Self App To Rule Them All
Building An Engineering Team
Stock Market Investing Lessons Learned
Full Stack Javascript