On Taking A Scientific Approach To Life

Arjan Haring interviewed me about my views on the Quantified Self movement and the future of DoubleBlinded. Chris is a software engineer turned data scientist with a specialization in health, biotech, and science. He is interested in quality of life improvement both at the individual level through lifestyle... [Read More]

E2E Testing with Angular, Protractor, and Rails

E2E testing with Angular, Protractor, and Rails End-to-end testing is hard. Intermittent failures, recreating apps in a particular state, and quickly generating seed data are all problems you will encounter as you embark on the adventure of E2E testing. Through trial and error, we’ve come a long way in... [Read More]

Protractor.JS: A better way to implement page objects.

Page objects, recommended in the Protractor docs, are a popular pattern for writing end-to-end tests for Angular but they quickly become lists of ugly, boilerplate selectors that break when you decide to change your DOM. They do an excellent job of separating view logic from test logic, but they... [Read More]

Building An Engineering Team

I’ve played the role of chief architect for three early-stage products where I was responsible for creating something out of nothing. These included being a founder, first engineer, and contractor. Two of these experiences were at fast-paced startups that had just raised one million dollar seed rounds. In these experiences... [Read More]

Lessons That Don’t Come Cheap

As a software engineer, consultant/contractor/freelancer, founder, and early employee at a few different startups in the last few years, I’ve learned some really difficult lessons. Some are general life lessons; others pertain to business, and some are about how to be a professional. These are hard, painful lessons to learn... [Read More]