I built Teachable's dashboard and Walk [Your City]. Sometimes I snowboard and practice MMA. Scroll down for my projects and writing.

Teachable's school-building dashboard.

Plan, design and install quick, light and affordable street signs.

Individualized n=1 experiment kits.

An example of a 3D weighted graph using D3.js and Aframe.

An open source, hackable tool for discovering your quantified self data.

Browse the web in VR by live streaming a web page into Aframe using PhantomJS and ffmpeg.

An example of a 3D bar chart using D3 and Aframe.

A virtual reality keyboard and text editor in Aframe... cause why not?

Collect sentiment analyses from Day One, Facebook, iMessage, and 750 Words and format them in pretty CSVs.

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Full Stack Javascript
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